Irvine Days (Full-day class)

Ages 6-11

Students in this new full-year*, 5-hour class will explore the woods, meadows and waterways to learn and play in nature’s classroom through each season. Our daily destinations change as we combine outdoor education, nature awareness and ancestral skills, nurturing our connection to the land. Topics may include:
Naturalist knowledge of flora and fauna
Fort and shelter building
Fire building and outdoor cooking
Nature arts, crafts, tools use
STEM concepts and nature tinkering 
Leadership, social connection and fostering a culture of community
This mixed age class will allow for both whole group inquiry driven learning and small group work based on interest and experience. We will break for lunch and snack that students must bring from home.
*We strongly encourage students to sign up for the whole year to benefit from longer term relationships with peers, teachers, and the land, but semester enrollment is available.

Minimum age: Student must be 6 by 10/14/23. 

Maximum age: Student cannot turn 12 before 11/14/23.

If you are interested in a full year for your child but they will age out of the class mid-year,

please contact Stephanie Holzman at for options.


Spring Trimester:

Minimum age: Student must be 6 by 3/21/24

Maximum age: Student cannot turn 12 before 4/21/24

   Thursdays (9:30-2:30) 


We expect this program to fill quickly - don't delay registration!


Please contact Laura Ferrara at for assistance with registration and discounts.

Please contact Stephanie Holzman at for questions about the classes.