Forest Explorers

Immersive Outdoor Learning for 5-7 Year Olds

The trees, animals, and seasons are our guides as we play and learn in nature. There are no pre-set lesson plans as we organically discover and learn with what the trails present us each day! We explore ponds and streams, play in the meadow, climb trees, and develop a deep respect for the natural world as we grow to love and trust one another. In our all outdoor gatherings we collect natural items, listen to and create our own stories, build shelters and fires, record our learning in our journals, and create nature art all while emphasizing mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude for the land and its inhabitants

Fall 2020

Monday Forest Explorers

Wednesday Forest Explorers

Friday Forest Explorers


Enrollment for Members begins 09/18. For Non-members, enrollment begins 09/23. Don't wait!


Please contact Moriah Munsch at for assistance with enrollment.

Questions about the details of this program? Contact Stephanie Holzman at