Art & Science of the Land

Ages 8-12


Discover the fascinating secrets of Irvine’s 200+ acres of land through STEM meets arts integration projects. We'll explore and replicate eco artists like Holt, Smithson, Goldsworthy, Christo, Kidner and more. The students will blend ephemeral (non-permanent) art and natural materials with environmental forces, such as wind, water, ice and sunlight. Concepts from biology, physics, plant and soil science, and topography will guide "how" and "what" we create. In this unique study of environmental arts, we will decipher the possible damage that could be inflicted on the land vs. the “cause no harm” approach of sustainable arts.

Minimum age: Student must be 8 by 10/13/23. 

Maximum age: Student cannot turn 13 before 11/13/23.

If you are interested in a full year for your child but they will age out of the class mid-year,

please contact Stephanie Holzman at for options.


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 Spring registration is open!


Spring Trimester:

Minimum age: Student must be 8 by 3/21/24

Maximum age: Student cannot turn 12 before 4/21/24

 Wednesday Morning Session (9:30-12:30)  *Full for Spring 2024*

 Wednesday Afternoon Session (1:30-4:00)  *Full for Spring 2024*


*Please note: There is no on-site care between the morning and afternoon sessions 

We expect these programs to fill quickly - don't delay registration!


Please contact Laura Ferrara at for assistance with registration and discounts.

Please contact Stephanie Holzman at for questions about the classes.