Friday Night Mini-Summit (April 3, 2020)

Friday Night Mini-Summit (April 3, 2020)
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Can’t join us for Saturday, but want to see Nicolette Sowder’s keynote?  Sign up here for just Friday’s activities.  This includes the Happy Hour with drinks and appetizers, classroom open house, keynote, and campfire networking.

Storying the Landscape: Strengthening the Nature Bond through Narrative (all ages)
Nicolette Sowder founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling

For a millennia, humans have imprinted on, survived, and bonded to their environments through the use of story.  Much of this type of intelligence and way of being has been lost. We often traverse unaware and nature blind to the narrative threads that arch out like mycelium to reach us.  To remember this way of meaning making, we can look to traditional and contemporary uses of story within the wilder landscape.  We’ll explore examples of stories born out of a shared need, vocabulary, sense of survival, or raw creativity.  Brimming with that knowledge and framework, we can once again turn our attention to the stories that have been there all along.  Once recognized, those stories create a foundation that we can then layer and build our nature-bonded programs upon. 


$60.00 per Participant
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