Mindfulness Based Gratitude Walks


Science shows that gratitude is a simple, yet effective practice to encourage happiness, improved health, and resilience. Mindfulness has been shown to help train the mind to experience what is here in the moment. Nature has the ability to calm our nervous systems as we connect with landscapes that our ancestors have been interacting with for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Come join Phillip McKnight, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher from Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative's Center For Nature Informed Therapy, on the Mindfulness Based Gratitude Walk at Irvine Nature Center, where we will engage in techniques to ground our energy. We will scan for what we are thankful for in each moment, connect deeply with the healing aspects of the natural world, and learn to cultivate peace in a tumultuous time.

This class is for those who are interested in learning and practicing the art of gratitude, mindfulness, and nature connection.

Ages 14+

Instructor: Phillip McKnight, Certified Mindfulness Instructor


Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Bauer Road Fire Circle

Cost: $10-$20 Sliding Scale (When you register, you will choose either $10 rate, $15 rate, or $20 rate based on your own assessment of what you can afford.)


Spring 2022

Offered every Thursday from April 21 to May 26

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Thursday, April 28 (Click to Register)

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Thursday, May 26 (Click to Register)